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Green SuperHeroes Taking Action!

Green SuperHeroes Taking Action!

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At age 15, Kyle Tianshi already has dedicated a portion of his young life to detecting Microplastics contaminants through his research. He has created an award winner Microplastic detector called NEREID. ​
Website: Clearwater Innovation ​


Katia Thomas, age 14, has developed DAESSE, an award-winning device that creates and harnesses electricity from garbage. Her efforts to create renewable energy are inspired by her close work with the indigenous communities of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador as they fight to preserve their land. ​

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Ryan Hickman, age 13, committed to Zero Waste, a CNN Young Wonder, and a Youth Ambassador at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, California, created PROJECT 3R, (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle) to educate people on the importance of Recycling. Website: Ryan’s Recycling

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Ianna Mallayka, age 13, through her "Ianna Malaika Foundation" in Kenya, and her slogan “There is No Planet B,” has planted thousands of trees and helps conserve the soil through her ENVIROSAVE project.

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Connor Berryhill, age 15, who is on the Autism spectrum, has created the Micro-Activist Foundation, “where kids love to let life live,” devoted to connecting and educating youth on protecting our oceans’ health, and creating the next generation of sea warriors.

Website: MicroActivist


Jessica Ong, age 17, through her non-profit Toys2Care, has rescued thousands of used toys from ending up in landfills placing them in the hands of kids in need in over 40 countries. ​
Website: Toys2Care


Hi! I’m Justin Sather. My mission is to be brave and stay determined to create positive change to help our planet for my friends, family, the next generations, and of course - THE FROGS!
Website: Justin's Frog Project

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Sam Torres, age 17, a passionate plant-based activist, now with the Surfrider Foundation, has developed campaigns, such as #MeatlessMonday,  to motivate and educate young people to eat in a healthier. ​
Website: Grades of Green

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Every day after school, 5-year-old old Nina Gomes—now an international sensation—collects plastics in Rio de Janeiro’s bay every day after school from her dad’s surfboard.

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Meet Janeth Guanulema, age 16, shares her passion to save Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest—the place her indigenous community has called home since time immemorial— from the threat of deforestation and fracking. She has created a non profit "HIJOS DE LA SELVA!


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